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Who do you think is the number one target for scammers? You may be guessing the elderly.  Try a little younger. According to Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona, the top mark for scammers is millennials. So many of them live their lives on their cell phones and their concept of privacy is very different than that of the generation before them. Sounds like an opportunity to educate and inform.

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Trust Starts with Us

So, the BBB team in Tucson called on Cox Creative Studios to help them craft a message that would connect with millennials to let them know where to turn for information they can trust.  Our CCS team provides solutions to clients statewide and we love Tucson, so we were excited to get started!

The Top Target for Scammers

Today, many millennials are buying their first houses and are looking for plumbers, electricians, painters – all the stuff homeowners need to build a home.  For many, calling service providers is a daunting task. Who can they trust? Can they rely on reviews? Who’s out to scam you? Where can you find the info? Trust starts with BBB.

The Changing Face

CCS met with the team at BBB, listened to their needs, asked questions and then we got started brainstorming ideas.  We took our concepts to storyboards to a presentation.  It was our animated character who stole the hearts of BBB.  Our millennial man, complete with a beard and gauges in his ears, represented the target audience with a message that promoted the value of trusting BBB.

The Greatest Reward

We’re proud to say the clients loved it!  They even had a contest to name the dude.  The winning name was Max…Max the Millennial!

We’re humbled that our BBB campaign was honored with a Rocky Mountain Emmy and we were happy to share that award with BBB.  Trust is so important in a client relationship and we’re proud that BBB of Southern Arizona put their trust in Cox Creative Studios.

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