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What’s the cause? How do you make someone care? Where do you begin? Great questions! That’s where the CCS team can help. We’ve had the honor of working with many organizations helping them bring to light important needs in our community. You can count on CCS to partner with you every step of the way to help you find just the right approach to bring your passion and your purpose to life!

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It’s time to toot your own horn

Everyone has a story to tell and often those stories come with a cause – a call for a cure, attention and awareness and almost always money.  When you need to get the word out, who’s got your back?  The creative team at Cox Creative Studios!  CCS can help you share your story so the world [or just your community] can know how to support your cause.

It starts here.

Is the story best told with caring and compassion or do we shock the audience into noticing? How you tell the story is everything and we put everything we know to work for you. We want the audience to donate, to lend a hand, to care. Creative is key to bringing your story alive and getting the audience to answer your call to action.

Our canvas

If a picture paints a thousand words, then the right visuals are priceless! So how do you bring your message to life on screen? 2D and 3D animation, a reenactment shot on location or moments captured in the studio – At Cox Creative Studios, our team of writer/producers, directors, photographers, artists and animators can create the right look for you.


Cox Creative Studios is a powerful creative partner for any organization. Our size, resources and personnel make us not only a great value but give us the flexibility to find the right budget for your project. Our promise to you is to always bring the highest production value to your cause across any budget range.

Our Services

We're serious about helping our clients find success, but we also want the process to be fun. Building strong relationships and sharing our enthusiasm for great creative is what drives our team and is really our true super power.

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