Monet found inspiration in nature. Einstein in science. Creativity is found everywhere. That’s why it takes a team of seasoned professionals with different experiences and backgrounds to customize a solution that’s just right for your business. We’re honored to say our team of writers, producers, editors and photographers have won their share of local, regional and national awards.

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Round, square, oblong?

Lime green, ocean blue or peony purple? Creative is different for each and every client. The exciting part is finding a team that understands your company and delivers just the right message. The team at Cox Creative Studios is ready to shape compelling [and colorful] creative for you.

We’re listening!

Let’s chat! Getting to know you and what differentiates your business is our top priority. Let’s start by meeting and learning what you’re all about. Crafting the right message starts here.


This is where the magic happens! Our team puts decades of creative juice into one room just for you. We analyze your story and the results needed. We attack it from every direction, resulting in concepts we’ll be presenting to you very soon.


The script is the backbone of what we produce. It’s the glue that holds the concept together. It’s the road map that will see us to the finish. How many metaphors is too many? OK, the script is really important. And we know that cultivating just the right lines for your campaign is crucial. We give it the attention it deserves by writing and writing and editing and re-writing, until it speaks the story you need to tell. Let Cox Creative Studios craft your message so that you can not only hear it, but imagine it, even before it’s produced.

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We're serious about helping our clients find success, but we also want the process to be fun. Building strong relationships and sharing our enthusiasm for great creative is what drives our team and is really our true super power.

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