Cookies from Home

Cookies from Home baked its chewy goodness into the hearts of Phoenicians when it started in a tiny kitchen nearly 40 years ago. The company saw many years of local success, growing to a Cookiedom that ships nationwide. After a few ownership changes, however, the Cookies from Home brand had lost a lot of its flavor. The new owner needed a new recipe for success and turned to Cox Creative Studios! I mean, we love cookies, so this was going to be easy, right?

Service: Brand Awareness
Industry: Spokesperson

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Edible Perfection

Our team met with the new owners, ate a lot of cookies for “research purposes”, and came up with a plan to put Cookies from Home back in the (Chocolate) chips! We put our ideas in front of an informal focus group and found out which ideas were half-baked and which ones came up winners with their desired audience. One spot idea clearly stood out. It would take a comedic twist and feature their son, a working actor.

Digital Cookies

The plan included a digital campaign created by the CCS team, because cookies are good any time of year and every season has a reason to celebrate! Plus, you’re on everyone’s favorite list when you send cookies.

The P(l)an comes Together!

From just a crumb of an idea to a fully baked plan, the Cox Creative Studios handled every creative aspect of this delicious campaign and side by side with our Cox Media team for the media plan, we worked together like “snicker” and “doodle”.   We’re happy to present to you this sweet spot, “Edible Perfection”.

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