Video Production Trucks

At Cox Creative Studios we have the right equipment for your next project. Anywhere in Arizona, let us be your production choice for major sporting events at a national level, corporate/civic happenings or comprehensive ENG service, we've got you covered.

  • Our 32' (HD RED) slide out (expandable) easily accommodates crews of a dozen or more.
  • Our 26' (SD BLUE) unit is only "mid" in size...not capabilities.
  • Our HD microwave truck is capable of covering breaking news and corporate functions.

(download spec sheet)

Replay, Spotbox and Edit Systems

One 6 Channel HD XT-2 Full Editing Unit (4in/2out)

One 4 Channel HD XT-2 Full Editing Unit (2in/2out)

EVS Sportnet Network

One EVS X-File with removable hard Drive and USB

One Fast Forward Omega 2 Channel Raid DDR

One Sony DVW-M2000

One Sony DHD Cam HDW-2000 (with DNF controller)

One Sony XD Cam XDSPD1000

One Panasonic DVCPro AJHD_1700

Two DVD Player/Recorders


Grass Valley Hi Def Kalypso Switcher 1080i/720p

4ME’s , Internal DVE & Still Store

4 Keyers per ME, 48 Outputs

6 X-form Engines

Accom DVEous MX, 4 Channel DVE

Monitor Wall includes

4-18” Sony PGM Monitors

54-9” LCD Monitors

6-6” Monitors (TD station)

Cameras/ Lenses & Support

8 Thompson LDK-6000 HD Cameras 1080i 0r 720p

4 Fujinon HD 87x1 Lenses

1 Fujinon HD 72x1 Lens

1 Fujinon HD 66x1 Lens

4 Fujinon HD 22x1 Lenses

Wide Angle lens available upon request

6 Thompson Super Expander Sleds

6 Vinton Vector 70 Heavy Duty Pan/Tilt Heads

6 Mathews MT1 Heavy Duty Tripods

4 ENG tripods

2 POV cameras

5 2” HDTV Viewfinders

6 7” HDTV Sled Viewfinder


RTS 64 port ADAM/CS

RTS 8 Channel IFB

2 Tiff-2000

6 Two Wire powered channels

6 Line Telephone

2 Getner Phone Interface

18 RTS BP-325’s

8 RTS IFB 4030 Beltpacks

Video Tape/HDR

2 Sony HDW-M2000 HD CAM

2 Sony DVE-M2000 Digital Betacam

1 Sony DVW-500 Digital Betacam

1 Sony PDW-HD1500 XD CAM

1 Sony PDW-F75 XD CAM

1 Sony PVW-2800 SP Beta

1 Omega HD Fast Forward (2 Ch)


Calrec Omega Digital Console (56 Faders)

Digicart ‘E’ with 250 MB Zip

CD Player

4 Daltec Announce Talk Back Boxes

5 HMD-25 Headsets

9 Sennhieser 416 Shotguns

2 MKH-70 Long Shotguns

Large variety on microphones


RTS Digital Matrix Intercom

RTS 4 Channel IFB

2 Line Telephone with Telos/p>

Vyvx Digital Fiber Line (270 Mbs)

- Tandberg Encode/Decode

Outboard Monitors

4 - 13” HD LCD (Super Bright monitor)

4 - 9” portable monitors (SD)


1 Avid Air Speed Server (2 Ch)

5 Avid Media Composer Suites

2 Final Cut Pro Edit Suites

1 Jib (up to 18 feet)

4 AJA Frame Syncs FS1

Studio “B” (29’ x 22’)

We offer free consultation to our future clients so we can develop an understanding of your business needs and provide an accurate quote for our services. Please contact our Phoenix, Arizona office so we can discuss your Video Production, Web Design and Web Development, or Content and Marketing & Promotion goals.